Why Choose Meylic?

Having a wealth of experience optimising and managing Google Analytics, Meylic is capable of effectively managing your Google Analytics project.

Meylic, Google Analytics specialists are certified and know the inner workings of Google Analytics. This works to your advantage in that all decisions made by our experts on your project are based on actual data from past experiences and so have a high probability of success.

Finally, Meylic, Google Analytics will organise your project in a manner that is easy to understand, transparent and easy to work with.

Meylic, Google Analytics will provide you with accurate reports of your Google Analytics activities in a manner that is easy to understand and without technical jargon

Meylic, Google Analytics will implement an strategy to track all key activities and perform maintenance of this from time to time.

Meylic views your organisation as a going concern and will implement a strategic plan concerning your Google Analytics, making sure that your organisation retains the benefits of sound Google Analytics management and setup.

The data gained from your Google Analytics activities is carefully sorted, collated and compiled into accurate reports, providing you a basis by which you can predict and analyse trends.

With the data gathered from your Google Analytics, Meylic will formulate a strategic plan for your organisation. Providing you with clear insight of your future relative to its objectives

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Google Analytics Setup & Management

Meylic will setup and manage Google Analytics on your behalf. We will optimize the account for success and work with you to establish strategic objectives for your Google Analytics project.

Meylic will provide you with monthly management and reporting on your Google Analytics project.


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Compliance Notice

Meylic is a Google partner and complies with Google's code of good practice to provide you with the best Google Analytics services while protecting your privacy.

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